eLearning: Planning & Design


This course is part of the AITD suite of eLearning courses.

There is an assumed level of knowledge such as understanding the terms used when talking about eLearning and learning in general (did someone say SCORM?).

In this course, eLearning: Planning & Design we explore the more hands on elements to do with writing, designing, structuring and storyboarding our learning experiences.

By the end of this module, students should be able to;

  • Have a better understanding of how the design process fits in to the larger end-to-end development process
  • Identify different ways eLearning can be designed and delivered to suit learning styles
  • Know how to conduct a thorough analysis of a learning solution to determine the best design and delivery methods
  • Work within a larger project team and respond to project requirements accordingly
  • Determine the best way to structure learning content
  • Understand the core principles of instructional design
  • Work with User Experience design to enhance the learning solution with the end user in mind
  • Understand the visual design elements to ensure that eLearning meets accessibility requirements

Be sure to visit eLearning: Planning & Design page on the AITD website for an overview, if you haven’t already,