H5P is a content creation tool allowing users to create rich interactive content. H5P content is available through some learning platforms as an inbuilt plugin to the platform, or you can create H5P content then download the content and embed inside web pages.

Visiting the H5P website is a great source for ideas and inspiration to see different ways that content can be packaged and delivered.


  • The Free version allows access to a limited number of interactive activity types.

Paid Version (H5P as a service) – H5P.COM

  • Free trial available to try out all features of the hosted paid service.

Here a some H5P examples that we have used the AITD courses. All hosted via WordPress.

Other Notable H5P Examples

H5P inside a SCORM package

I have also created a guest access sample here where you can log into our LMS (link below) as a guest and look for Captivate Samples and you’ll see a web page , with H5P, embedded inside a Captivate file, which provides half a solution, happy to chat further about this