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All class recordings will appear here the following day after the class.

Recording #1 – 15th September –

Recording #2 – 22nd September –

Recording #3 – 29th September –

  • Our guest – Adam Grieve from Foundry
  • No links shared, however some valuable insights into the UX process and incorporating UX design principles into Learning Design

Recording #4 – 6th October – (recording now available)

Tonight we just worked through the assignment and broke it down into manageable chunks to detail the type of response you can submit.

Storyboards in eLearning

From Learning Plan


I like to include things I’ve found recently here as bonus content and will put any recent findings here as bonus content.

We may consider these tips as we think about the broader employee induction. How do the activities and experiences that we design and build feed into other experiences that aren’t directly controlled by us. For example, our employees may have an onsite induction with a buddy or a supervisor.

5 Training Tips To Make Yourself And Your Team “10x”

This article refers to onboarding new members to the organisation.

This was a really interesting article highlighting the fact that life is difficult and it’s hard to make “easy” learning for our students. So make it “bumpy” instead.

To make online learning more three-dimensional, let it be bumpy seeks to illuminate the human condition through three prisms: mental health; the perennial question of ‘how to live’; and the artistic and transcendent facets of life.

Another resource with some extra links to


Including articles, examples and templates

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