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Recording #1 – 9th September –

  • Welcome to the Masterclass!

Recording #2 – 23rd September –

Digital Badges

Recording #3 – 7th October –

Recording #4 – 21st October –

Recording #5 – 4th November –

Demonstrations of Moodle, H5P.ORG, PowerPoint (Animated GIF), Adobe Captivate SCORM, App-eLearn SCORM


  • Our guest was James Carrick, a TAFE teacher, who has gone from technical “zero-to-hero” in 6 months, and uses Microsoft Teams extensively for learning management.

Needs Analysis

Once a specific learning goal has been identified, the learning designers need to ensure that the learning experience is being designed to achieve that goal. The SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and the LDs (Learning Designers) work closely together during this phase to help the LD become familiar with the content and for the SME to work through the content to highlight the important information to be included.

Captivate & Storyline back-to-back. In this webinar recording we show the development of a basic module in both Storyline and Captivate.