Welcome to Level 2 – Getting Started

We really pick up the pace here and start our requirements gathering process. In other words, why are we creating an eLearning solution and how will we get it done.

We use a lot of the information gathered at this stage of the process to start our documentation (which is the practical component of this module).

We also need to start planning our resource requirements and what skills we will need to implement the solution.

A good place to start is being able to ask the right questions of our sponsors and stakeholders.

Doing a thorough analysis of the situation can ensure that the most appropriate solution is implemented.

On that note, I wanted to share an article that I wrote about clients working with vendors, and this information is both applicable to external and internal client relationships. Included in the article is a checklist document that can be used to start your analysis of a training solutions project.

Click here to access article and checklist.

From Learning Plan

There is also a webinar recording in this article where I talk about moving face-to-face (f2f) content to an online delivery.
I wrote the checklist while working at a previous company where I was managing many internal clients and requests for work.

Feel free to download the checklist and customise for your own situation.

Most of the content in this level is curated content sourced from web site articles written by prominent figures in the eLearning field.

I’ll check in with you at the end of this level to regroup and we can start to look at creating our documentation for our project.