Instructional Design

Instructional designer / Writer

  • Uses educational principles to convert content, usually text content, into plans or storyboards for interactive instructional materials and assessments.
    Works closely with the SME and the course facilitator / assessor to plan course content and assessments.

This module is not meant to teach you specifically how to become an Instructional Designer overnight. We will dive deeper into Instructional Design in Module 2.

Instructional Design for a New Generation

From the Articulate website. A fairly recent article so a recent addition to this resource.

I’ve included two resources here, an article to a reputable site (Articulate Blog) and also a YouTube video from Time Slade (who you met in a previous activity)

I was intrigued by the comments left in response to the Articulate article and have included this article for the feedback, as well as for the article itself.
I’d be interested to hear any feedback you have about this particular article.

Instructional Design Basics for E-Learning Development

Click the link above to be taken to the article on the Articulate website. Articulate make one of the most popular eLearning development tools.

Tim’s video is below and he talks specifically about Instructional design and eLearning.
He makes some really valid points here, some of which we have introduced before.

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