Learning Experience Design versus Instructional Design

I felt it was timely to include this article as the term “Learning Experience Design” is popping up more and more, but what is it exactly?

Thinking back to our many hats (or a “growing” hat), the Learning Experience Designer seems to cover more areas of the end-to-end process, the overall experience of the learning solution, not just individual learning modules or lessons.

Learning Experience Design

From Connie Malamed

Why are we looking at this now? Well the design of the experience, takes into account the overall solution, so we need to have visibility of this as we start putting the pieces together.

This article (and associated webinar at the bottom of the article page) talk about how “Instructional Design” is evolving into “Learning Experience Design”.

The main takeaway is;

The key skills of a Learning Experience Designer go beyond those of traditional Instructional Designer. These additional skills come from Learning Experience Design’s parent disciplines, learning science, design thinking, user experience design (UX), content design and curation, learning technology, evaluation, and data analytics.

Don’t worry, a Learning Experience Designer doesn’t need to be an expert in all of these areas.

Access the article here: Webinar: Learning Experience Design versus Instructional Design

This is the webinar video at the bottom of the article.