Tools, Technology & Platforms

This is a quick look at the breakdown of how these things all fit together.


The tools represent the software and hardware that we use to build things. Just like a carpenter uses a hammer, an eLearning developer will use tools to build the solutions. An authoring tool is used to create online learning modules. Tools can also be used to create specific content like PowerPoint to put together a slide deck, or Adobe Premiere to edit some video.. We’ll be looking at these over the next few activities.


The technology is the underlying technology being used to deliver the experience. For example, we introduce you to SCORM, which allows the eLearning module to work inside a Learning Management System. Other technologies include Virtual Reality (VR) and even web technologies like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that make our content appear in a web browser.


The platform is where our content and experiences reside and where our learners access our content. A Learning Management System (LMS), or even an Intranet or website is a platform that can deliver our content.

Hardware to create and manage online learning

We regularly get asked about the type of equipment that’s suitable for creating and maintaining online content.
It’s a great question with no real clear definitive answer, so instead we’d like to share our own hardware setup and the reasoning behind why these decisions were made. Hopefully this can help guide your own decisions when you are in the process of upgrading your own equipment.