Welcome to eLearning: Planning & Design

You may be continuing on from the AITD eLearning: Foundations course or you may be starting here at the AITD eLearning: Planning & Design course.

We’ve included Welcome videos to help settle you in to the learning journey ahead. Watch the videos in order, or pick and choose, it’s up to you.

It will really help if you watched all of the videos to set your expectations and answer any questions you might have.
A tour of the Curatr platform is at the bottom of the page, the last video

The videos have a volume control near the cog in the bottom right and can be watched in full screen using the full screen button next to the cog.

1) In this video John talks through the tools he uses to create the videos.
(2 min 16 sec)

2) Quick summary of the other videos.
(39 sec)

3) A look at the eLearning Planning & Design course.
(2 min 44 secs)

4) Meet John, your tour guide.
(43 secs)

5) How John got involved in facilitating the eLearning Masterclass.
(39 secs)

6) A history of this course.
(1 min 26 secs)

7) John loves facilitating this course!
(26 secs)

8) Where the learning content comes from.
(1 min 53 sec)

9) A tour of Curatr this video uses Module 1 as an example but applies to the overall Curatr experience regardless of the level.
We don’t have gates in this course.
(4 min 23 sec)