Adobe Captivate

We’ll start off with Adobe Captivate simply because it comes from the original stable of eLearning authoring tools.

Adobe Captivate originally started as Robo Demo, from a company called eHelp, then eHelp was bought by a larger company called Macromedia. Macromedia was Adobe’s biggest competitor and was a leader in various software applications including 3D modelling, web development and a program called Authorware.

It’s worth discussing the history here as it lends itself to the development of the technology that underpins the authoring tools of today.

Captivate is a desktop based Authoring tool, which means you need to download the software onto your computer to use it.

Desktop software usually have more (and richer) features than cloud based and Captivate is no exception.

The video on the right is a sneak peak from the recent Adobe Summit
(OCT ’22)

Adobe Captivate (2019 release)

The product page for Captivate from the Adobe Website

We’ll look at some samples on the sample page coming up later in this level, however I wanted to share this sample which includes external Virtual Reality content and 360 video, just to give you some ideas.

Adobe Captivate Sample

With VR and 360 Video

Using Captivate and SCORM with Moodle

Adobe Captivate for software and systems training