Articulate Storyline and Rise

Articulate have a number of tools that make up the Articulate 360 Studio suite of tools.

Articulate Rise is a web based authoring tool that allows for the creation of “web-site” style learning modules that easily adapt between desktop and mobile devices.

Articulate Storyline is a DESKTOP authoring tool and is similar to Adobe Captivate.
In fact, the two tools are quite similar and they often get discussed in online forums similar to how Holden might be discussed along side Ford.
It can come down to personal preference sometimes as opposed to the desired output required.

Rise Sample built in 2 minutes from pre-existing template

Storyline started off as a PowerPoint plugin. It is now a very powerful authoring tool in it’s own right. Alongside the other tools that make up the Articulate 360 suite of products.

Articulate 360 FAQs: Storyline 360

Articulate Storyline 360 lets you create any interactive e-learning course you can imagine, easily. See these FAQs for answers to common questions about Storyline 360.

We’ll look at some samples in a later resource.