Authoring eLearning

So what is authoring then?

Good question. It is the creation of engaging, interactive and immersive eLearning content using an authoring tool.
This is sometimes referred to as “Rapid Authoring”.

Great! What’s an authoring tool?

An authoring tool is traditionally a piece of software that creates an output that would be uploaded to a Learning Management System, and would normally be SCORM compliant for reporting purposes. This output is in the form of a ZIP file. When uploaded to the LMS, the ZIP file gets “unzipped” and stored on the LMS.

What is an Authoring Tool?

A great resource detailing where Authoring tools fit in to the picture. From iSpring Solutions.

What is an Authoring Tool?

From Valamls. “By combining the leading learning technology with user-centric design, data science, and integration capabilities, Valamis LXP is a complete learning ecosystem serving both the needs of an individual and an organization.

It’s possible to get through the eLearning process without an authoring tool and the development in technologies has made it possible to create immersive learning experiences using the tools available in Learning Management Systems and even content tools like H5P have created alternatives to the Authoring tool.

So why do we talk about this then? Good question. It’s because Authoring tools are still widely used in government and corporate sectors to create eLearning content. It’s also good to use an authoring tool if content needs to be distributed across multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS). The content gets created once, then the published ZIP file gets distributed to whoever wants to upload to their own LMS.

We’ll also revisit a resource from Module 1 which looks at the difference between Desktop Authoring Tools and Cloud Authoring Tools.

Authoring Tools (from the AITD eLearning Foundations course)

An eLearning authoring tool is essentially software that allows developers to build eLearning modules that can be uploaded to a Learning Management System (or similar type of platform). These tools are sometimes referred to as Rapid Authoring Tools.