eLearning Production & Delivery – Practical component

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  1. Using the free available tools we will make available for you, build an Employee Induction course for our case-study organisation (see below), or
  2. Write a 3 (three) page business case on 3 tools (1 x content creation tool, 1 x authoring tool, and 1 x learning platform) and why they should be used in your organisation. Make specific references to desired organisation objectives and how these tools can assist you in achieving those objectives.
    The report should talk about the following;
    • 1 x content creation tool
    • 1 x authoring tool
    • 1 x learning platform

If you want to get your hands dirty and build something, then choose option 1.
If you are not ready to dive into the tools then you can write a report detailing your research into the tools and explain why they should be used for our employee induction program.

We have access to a Moodle platform for the LMS, and I will introduce you to the other tools available to you at the end of this level.

Due Date

This practical work is due at the end of the 5th week of this module. We wanted to give this to you now so you know what we are working towards.
There will be plenty of opportunity to create your work over the next 5 weeks of learning. We’ll talk more about this in the first class this week.


If you decide to build your assignment, please note the following;

You need to (start to) build a very basic Employee Induction course.
If you have completed the Planning & Design course, you can base your project on that piece of work, otherwise you can create a basic plan and design to assist in the build for this assignment. You do not need to have completed the other two courses to complete this project.

Choose one of the platforms mentioned in the last activity of this level, sign up for a free trial account, or freemium account, depending on the platform.

Your submission should aim to include;

  • A scaffolding of the lessons from the employee induction program
  • One example of a piece of content you have built (video, audio, infogrpahic, interactive activity) to be uploaded, or linked to, and presented via the learning platform you have selected
  • Either an authored eLearning module using an eLearning authoring tool, or a PowerPoint with some interactive elements to demonstrate approach to authoring an eLearning module

The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate the following;

  1. That you can create a very basic course structure in a learning platform (Moodle, Thinkific)
  2. That you can create a piece of learning content eg. a video, audio, interactive activity (H5P), infographic, or any other piece of content.
  3. An interactive learning module either using an authoring tool, or PowerPoint


This work needs to be submitted at the end of this module to achieve accreditation for this module.


You have started work with a business (or any type of company or entity), to build a new employee induction program for all employees (this could be any type induction or on-boarding). If you aren’t building your assignment, then you need to write a report to recommend the tools that will be used and why those tools were chosen.


Project Name: Acme Corp. Induction Transformation Project

Acme Corp are looking at moving some of their training online. They have bought you in to build (or recommend the tools to build) the new employee induction which is to be moved predominantly online. They appreciate that some aspects of an induction would need to remain face-to-face, hands on and practical.

You can change the name of the company and project name if you wish.

Company size: 200 – 2000

You can decide on the company size depending on your own situation and how it is structured.
Please be sure to mention the company size in your submission and how structure may influence the solution.


The company operates across all states and territories in Australia. They have an office/warehouse in every state, and they have employees on the road regularly servicing clients or machinery.
You can adjust these details to suit your specific situation

Sector / Industry

You can decide on the industry / sector this company is in.


Not applicable at this stage