Examples of eLearning Modules

There are various players in the eLearning authoring market. Even though you may be restricted to a specific tool because of work or budget restrictions, we can still get inspiration from what the other tools output.

I have included a list here of the main programs and links to their gallery pages for you to get some inspiration and see the types of experiences that can be created with eLearning authoring tools.

There are plenty of online conversations between users who are very much wedded to a particular tool. They will swear black and blue that one tool is better than another. It doesn’t come down to that, as most tools can create similar outputs.

We leave our biases behind as we explore the creativity applied to the solution, not what the actual tool can do.
If you can suggest any other tools you have used before or heard of please leave them in the comments.

Online Learning Demos – Curated by the eLearning Coach, Connie Malamed

See how people are designing and using online learning. Get inspired, grab ideas and help others understand eLearning. Some examples are more effective than others. You can decide what works for your situation.

Adobe Captivate

The Adobe eLearning site showcases projects developed using Adobe Captivate. The projects can be viewed and downloaded.

Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise

eLearning examples from Articulate’s suite of tools including Storyline and Rise

Adapt showcase

Explore the capabilities of the Adapt Framework with our latest demo. All the features in the demo are included within the core of the framework download.


Sample eLearning courses developed using Trivantis Lectora

Smart Builder – Elearning examples

Interactive elearning examples including case scenarios, branching, storytelling, gaming, assessments and more to inspire your elearning designs.


Gomo is a web based authoring tool with a “mobile first” approach, with Gomo standing for “go-mobile”