Building Content for eLearning

So what is content?

Content can be anything from a PDF, to a PowerPoint, to an image, video (including animations), audio, icons and everything in between.
Content makes up the learning experience. Content could also be a resource that accompanies the learning.

We could also be making reference to curated content and even inviting users to contribute “user-generated” content.

By the time we get to creating the content, we would have done our analysis to ensure we are creating the most appropriate content for the learning.

In this level we will be exploring the different types of content, how we create this content, tips and tricks, and considerations when publishing and delivering the content.

Summary of the different types of content;

  • Text
  • PDF – Be careful when using PDFs. This article is worth a read when considering PDF as a piece of content.

PDF: Still Unfit for Human Consumption, 20 Years Later

From Nielsen Norman Group, World Leaders in Research-Based User Experience
  • Images
  • Video
  • Presentations
  • Screen Recordings
  • Interactive content created with specialised tools like H5P (explored this level)
  • Audio
  • Emerging Tech – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
  • Curated Content
  • User generated Content