Content Curation

In “Ready, Set, Curate” Ben Betts (developer of Curatr, this learning platform) states that learning content should be ‘The trigger. The inspiration.’ to learning, ‘where content is used to start conversation, but learners find meaning themselves’.

When thinking of a museum or art gallery, we think of a curator as the person who puts together the experience by presenting the individual pieces for display.

Curating online content works the same way. Information that already exists is referenced to present that content in an order that builds the learning journey required to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the learning solution.

We’ve come across curated content in this course. Most of the content you are experiencing here is curated from various sources. We also try to place some context around the content so we aren’t just sending you to web links, all the time. It can help to include specific content for the learner to help position the information within that part of the journey,

It makes sense to curate content when the information is already available and relevant for the situation.

Robin Petterd from Sprout Labs (in Tasmania) is a leader in the field of eLearning in Australia and around the world.

Robin shares a guide for content curation for L&D below.

Content curation: A guide to content curation for learning and development (L&D)

Sprout Labs