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Gamipress Demo Course Introduction

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Welcome to our demonstration of a gamified course on LearnDash. An example of a gamified course is where you can earn rewards for working through a course, or multiple courses on a learning platform. Gamification is also where you can include game playing elements in learning to make the learning experience more engaging.

This gamification experience is made up of two course, Gamipress Demo Course Introduction (this course) and Gamipress Demo Course Advanced.

Each course is made up of two lessons, and each lesson is made up of two topics (four topics per course). The topics contain SCORM learning activities that need to be completed to allow you to progress forward.

As you make your way through the topics and complete the sample learning content, you will earn points for the successful completion of each topic.

Completing the topics and earning points will allow you to unlock achievements. Throughout this learning experience, achievements are earned as levels when lessons are completed. These points and levels will be displayed on your learning page and also to the left in the sidebar under the course navigation.

Once both courses are completed you will earn the status of Gamipress Demo Master. This is setup as another achievement and awarded upon completion of both demo courses.

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