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Due Date

This practical work is due at the end of the 4th week of the course. We wanted to give you this now so you know what we are working towards and there will be plenty of opportunity to create your document over the 4 weeks of learning. We’ll talk more about this in the first class this week.

If you need a starting point I’ve included a PDF to an article (only available if you sign up to

Designing-and-Implementing-a-Learning-Strategy-Plan Download


You need to produce a 1 – 2+ page word document (or similar size presentation) demonstrating an analysis of a company implementing an eLearning solution.

The document needs to outline what (resources, human and material) would be required to implement a solution and where the budget will be spent.
You also need to document how the solution will be implemented (tasks) and how long it could take (duration).

Don’t focus on specific software, more on what the tools and platforms need to achieve (level 4 of this module). Focus on the requirements, not tool features.

This work needs to be submitted at the end of this module to achieve accreditation for this module.

We request you use a cloud document service to present your work (like google docs or office 365 or website blog),
If that is not possible, you can send as an attachment.
You do need to appreciate that cloud docs are becoming more apparent to share documents and collaborate.
Allowing for a Covid or Non-Covid environment is up to you.


You have started work with a business (or any type of company or entity), to develop an eLearning strategy as they want to move their induction online (this could be any type of induction or on-boarding). This company does not have any specific or dedicated online learning resources. They require someone to come in and do some analysis to prepare the organisation to implement a solution.

You do not need to write the onboard induction, we do this in Module 2. You do not need to build anything using a tool, we do this in Module 3.


Project Name: Acme Corp. Induction Transformation Project

Acme Corp are looking at moving some of their training online. They have bought you in to create a business case and strategy to assist them. They have also flagged new employee inductions to be moved predominantly online. They appreciate that some aspects of an induction would need to remain face-to-face, hands on and practical.

You can change the name of the company and project name if you wish.

Company size: 200 – 2000

You can decide on the company size depending on your own situation and how it is structured.
Please be sure to mention the company size in your submission and how structure may influence the solution.


The company operates across all states and territories in Australia. They have an office/warehouse in every state, and they have employees on the road regularly servicing clients or machinery.
You can adjust these details to suit your specific situation

Sector / Industry

You can decide on the industry / sector this company is in.


Present in your findings, how you justify budget, and where the money would be spent, based on the company size. You can include estimate figures if you wish.
A detailed cost analysis is not a requirement of this activity.