Welcome to an Introduction to eLearning

Participants who want an overview of the online learning landscape so they can have more effective conversations with vendors, stakeholders, designers, developers and everyone in-between.

The objective of this course module is to introduce you to eLearning and the connected roles and responsibilities that play a part in the creation and delivery of online learning.

By the end of this module, students should be able to;

  • Articulate the different types of eLearning
  • Understand the terminology used when working with eLearning
  • Recognise where eLearning fits in with a broader learning and organisation strategy
  • Learn which roles and skills are required to write, design, build and deliver eLearning
  • Know what learning methodologies and frameworks are
  • Understand what goes in to designing and writing
  • Explain the common tools and technologies used in eLearning
  • Develop an eLearning strategy to support a business function or project

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