Using audio in our learning solutions is becoming more and more of a requirement whether it is on-screen narration of our screens in an online module, or the audio that we are capturing when recording video. The sound quality can make or break the experience.

Below is a great 4 minute video that gives real examples of the different qualities of audio that can be achieved with certain equipment.


You may not have thought of using the podcast format in your learning solution, especially if you don’t consume podcasts yourself. Podcasts are starting to become more and more prevalent in the design and delivery of learning. Understanding how they can fit within your broader strategy can help to build a more inclusive and accessible learning solution.

How to use a podcast in your eLearning strategy

“Podcast becomes, then, a new media for asynchronous training, which allows to take advantage of different modalities and enrich materials and activities, while keeping repeatability and freedom of access typical of self-paced learning.”

What Are Narrative Podcasts? Why Use Them in eLearning?

Narrative podcasts are story-driven audio recordings. As opposed to more traditional interview-style podcasts, where a single person or group is interviewed, narrative podcasts splice together a number of interviews, recordings, and sounds to present a more complete listening experience.