Emerging Technologies

The future is here.

We are already seeing Virtual Reality (VR) in the mainstream through goggles and game consoles and many organisations are starting to use Virtual Reality in their training programs especially where safety is a priority.

We can also experience VR and 360 experiences without special hardware, as the article about “13 reasons why…” (below) explains, plus the example Captivate file with VR and 360 content integrated. This experience can be viewed without goggles.

VR for Corporate Training: Examples of VR already being used

How could VR be used where you work?

Creating a multi-user virtual reality training system

Defence specific idea


“…And Why VR-Ready Is The Real Trend You Need To Be Looking At. Being VR-Ready means being platform agnostic, having an experience work on mobile, tablet, computer or in VR/AR. This allows you to expose everyone in the organization to the potential value of VR and higher engagement. Getting buy-in to the widest audience possible in an organization is important to determining the greater value VR can bring.”

Module Example built with Adobe Captivate with “VR Ready” content

I built this eLearning module using Adobe Captivate and a 3rd party VR javascript framework which allows for the experience to be viewed without the need for glasses.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a big investment for Microsoft through their HoloLens technology. AR is where you superimpose a VR environment on top of the real environment, so the glasses are transparent with the holographic image displayed in the glass lens. Mobile devices can also be used for AR and you may recall the Pokemon Go hysteria from a few years ago.

Mercedes-Benz Shifts to HoloLens for Employee Training

“The company employs more than 100 HoloLens devices in its Mercedes-Benz Global Training program, where about 450 management, product, branding, and sales employees have access to the devices.”

We’ve all encountered Chatbots when we visit websites, but how could we use Chatbots in an L&D and training environment? We build a chatbot in Module 3.

Chatbots for behaviour change in L&D, with Vincent Han

There is a podcast and transcript available through Sprout Labs and Robin Petterd (who we’ve met before)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires immense resourcing both human and computational so for many organisations this type of investment may be a long way off, however it is still on the horizon and we need to be mindful of it as it starts to pop up in conversations. We may be asked our opinions when those conversations start to happen.

3 Incredible Ways AI Will Transform Learning and Development

For some, these technologies have been floating around for a while and those involved may be fully immersed in one or many of these technologies.

For others, we may be getting introduced to these technologies for the first time and yet to see them making a major impact, however we should be prepared for when these technologies start to seep in to our every day lives.

How do you feel about working with these technologies in the not-to-distant-future?

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