HTML and Web technologies. As purveyors of content that is delivered online via a web browser, it is important to appreciate the other tools and technologies that help to deliver web content. This link is provided as a starting point to understanding these tools and technologies.

How much do you know about HTML? As someone involved in the eLearning process, do you appreciate the importance of knowing a little bit about HTML, and web technologies in general? Do you really think it is worth knowing any of these related technologies, or do you think we can get by without needing to know how the “engine runs” . . .

Here is a reflection of a project (below) we needed to carry out where a knowledge of HTML ensured a successful outcome. We were also able to quote accurately as we could understand the problem and also the best solution given the limitations of the environment we were working in.

Understanding the other stuff

Furthermore, the original eLearning source files could not be located. So essentially our task was to “recreate” the Flash format into HTML 5 format.

Can you please tell me what the HEAD of the HTML document does and what the BODY of an HTML document does. This is your first step to troubleshooting, and becoming an HTML guru!

HTML Introduction

HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.