Email? Huh?

There are several ways we could incorporate email into our learning solution design. From quick reminders and updates, to expected scheduled emails that contain the actual learning content.

If we are to use email in our overall delivery strategy, we will need to be organised, as much as we would with any other delivery method.
We also need to ensure that delivering our learning via email is satisfying the goals and objectives set out during the analysis phase or our project.

How to use E-Mails to improve your online training project engagement

From Docebo – In this article we are going to explain how you can engage your students by using a simple yet effective tool like the E-Mail.

Email: The Overlooked Digital (and Virtual) Learning Platform

Learning Solutions

A couple of tips we have learnt from the past when using email to deliver information;

  • Systems and platforms can be efficient in sending automatic emails from the actual platform. The problem we have found is that system generated emails can come from different mail servers which can be blocked by inbound mail gatekeepers. Be sure to check the incoming mail servers with your IT Department.
  • Personal emails (even though copied and pasted from a template) can have more impact and engagement as it is easy to tell if an email has been “generated” and sent out to a mailing list.
  • Using Microsoft Word and Outlook allows you to create a Mail Merge where emails can be personalised and are sent via our Outlook work account.

Use mail merge to send bulk email messages

From Microsoft