Social Learning

Social learning can take place as an informal discussion over the phone or as formally structured learning events including round tables and post learning feedback sessions. Many of the learning platforms and work social platforms are making it easier to include discussion forums alongside activities similar to what we are experiencing with using the Curatr platform here. With all these options available, we shouldn’t lose sight of the required objectives of specific learning events, and ensure the social learning solutions are appropriate.

Could you see a benefit of implementing a more formal social learning culture within your company?

8 Top Tips to Create an Effective Social Learning Strategy

From eLearning Industry – In this article, you’ll find Social Learning tips, advice, and techniques for creating a successful Social Learning Strategy.

This is a comprehensive investigation into social learning and bringing it into the LMS. What are your thoughts about the “where” and “how” the Social Learning can take place? Does sticking it inside the LMS limit the effectiveness of Social Learning and where else could social learning take place?

Work Connect and Learn Program Module 1 Learn How to Connect

The Work Connect and Learn Program that enables Coca Cola Amatil staff to use social networking and communication tools to collaboratively work and share knowledge to create communities of practice. This link is a playlist of webinar videos originally delivered to CCA employees. Total 20 minutes playing time.

Working Out Loud

Working Out Loud (WOL) is an approach to collaboration in which employees form a virtual network. They are encouraged to talk about their work and publish what they do.

How does Social Learning compare with eLearning?

Could social learning have a greater impact than traditional eLearning in your organisation?
In this video Ben Betts from Learning Pool Ltd (UK) shares his ideas about the benefits of social learning.

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