eLearning Glossary – Terms, Acronyms

Yep you guessed it, so many terms and words and those 3 and 4 letter words that aren’t really words they’re just made into words using the first letter of the words to make a word. (sorry, just trying to be funny!)

Like any industry, there are plenty of terms to get your head around!

With technology sitting behind the scenes, within the learning experiences themselves, plus on end users’ devices, the terminology spans across all involved roles and technologies of the eLearning landscape.

We’ve gathered a few resources here to help you get your head around all these new terms.

The ultimate glossary of eLearning tools

“This guide can serve as a holistic eLearning glossary that defines each term succinctly and offers some helpful links and resources in case you’d like to learn more about the terms.”

The Many Acronyms of eLearning

This is a great resource which includes a video of Katrina talking about some of the technology, which we’ll revisit in our last level.

20 eLearning Terms Everyone Should Know

Another glossary with some overlaps and different words.