Evaluation Strategy

There will be times where we will need to prove the effectiveness of our learning.

Management, stakeholders and our learners will all want to see if the learning solution has in fact been effective and the time, costs and resources invested have been worth it.

There are various ways we can measure success and the method that we adopt will depend on the type of metrics that our stakeholders require. I have seen measures of success based on the dollars spent developing the solution in-house compared to outsourcing the development to an external vendor.

Being prepared for how success will be measured, will help define our learning design as we can implement triggers within the solution to capture success.

eLearning Course Evaluation: The Ultimate Guide For eLearning Professionals

You have spent a great deal of time and money while developing your eLearning course. But how can you know if it is effective? eLearning course evaluation allows you to assess the effectiveness of your eLearning deliverable and to keep improving it in order to offer your learners a powerful and memorable eLearning experience.

This article provides the basics of what ROI is (definition as well as costs and returns). It also outlines the most popular ROI methodology (Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluation). It takes you through a step-by-step approach to measure ROI, providing 6 tips that you can use to maximise your ROI and create a positive impact.

This article explores the Brinkerhoff Success Case Method, an evaluation model that can be used in the evaluation of any learning event.

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