Experience Map

An experience map provides and visual representation of the journey our learners take throughout the entire learning process.

We do need to consider what experience our learners have from the moment they are informed of the training or learning they need to undertake, to navigating links in emails, to possible communication pieces on the intranet or other internal systems, to navigating the Learning Management System

We’re not suggesting that an experience map needs to be created for every solution, however if our learning solution is made up of multiple experiences over a period of time, it could be worth mapping out the journey to ensure that the experiences flow in a logical and timely manner.

Below are several resources to help you to start thinking about the overall user journey.

UX Mapping Methods Compared: A Cheat Sheet

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A Guide to Experience Mapping for UX Design

From the Adobe website

Design Practice: Learning Experience Map

From the Canvas website. This link is an exercise that also provides ideas, resources and templates.