Gamification and Game Based Learning

There can be interesting conversations to be had about the validity and effectiveness of gamification and game based learning. Before we start those conversations, it’s worth noting that there is actually a difference between the two. Gamification does get used to bundle up the whole idea of including anything game related into our learning design. It’s worth separating the two definitions as we can incorporate one without the other. We shouldn’t automatically assume that gamification or game based learning will resonate with all of our learners. I’ve included several articles below to help position your conversations with your stakeholders and partners.

You have been experiencing gamification as part of this course. Points, leaderboards, and at the end, you get a digital badge.

At the end of the following article, there are three business related questions. How would you answer these in your organisation?

How Deloitte Made Learning a Game

Harvard Business Review

We are all guilty of thinking that games could be a hinderance more than an opportunity. The following whitepaper helps to dispel the common myths associated with considering game elements in our learning design.

How to Overcome Myths and Misconceptions of Gamification and Promote Gamified Learning

From Learning Solutions Magazine

9 Ways to Include Gamification in Learning Design Infographic

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