There are 2 ways that PowerPoint files can be incorporated into Captivate; Create a new project from a PowerPoint file Import PowerPoint slides into an existing Captivate project

Video Demo

Video Demo is a way to record what is happening on the screen, including the mouse moving, and recording the actual time between interactions. It is essentially like setting up a video camera pointing to your computer screen and filming the screen. We don’t have the extra functionality of customising what automatically gets included as …

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Software Simulations

Software Simulations allow us to create interactive simulations that our users experience just like if they were using the actual software we were simulating. For example, we need to train users on a new banking system without giving them access to the actual system. We can use the Software Simulation feature of Captivate to create …

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Publishing our project is the last step before we upload to our LMS or deploy to the internet, or company intranet. There are many ways to publish. We’ll be looking mainly at publishing for the LMS, an Intranet or the web.

Master Slides

Master slides are like page template designs. We can control the formatting of certain elements on a Master Slide and then any project slides based on that Master Slide will look like the Master Slide. Master Slides are a great way to centralise the work involved in maintaining the design of our project.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop activities are a type of interaction that allows users to move an image or text across the screen to a matching image or text. Users can use a mouse, if using a computer, or tap and hold with their finger if using a phone. Common examples are matching words with respective images. …

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