Project Management

I know we have spoken about Project management before, but I wanted to draw attention to this particular resource, especially point number 3.

How to Accurately Estimate Projects in 6 Steps

Another thing I wanted to highlight as well is estimating effort with the build. How long does it take to create, build and deliver?

The best way is to use historical data based on similar projects. I have found it useful keeping a log of effort when working on my own projects. The amount of detail captured at the time can help to quote estimated effort for future projects. This will be discussed in the first class.

In the meantime, this calculator may be a good start to get some estimates;

eLearning Development Calculator

The calculator is the first link

I’ve also included a sample Excel Spreadsheet time log that is an example of how effort can be measured. A knowledge of spreadsheets and Pivot Tables is recommended. Other time keeping apps or tools could be used.

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