Module Objectives

 Module 3Building eLearning

This module is the third of three modules that make up the AITD eLearning Masterclass. There is an assumed level of knowledge such as understanding terms and words used when talking about eLearning.

In this module, Building eLearning we explore the tools, platforms and technology that make up the delivery our learning experiences;

By the end of this module, students should will;

  • Have a better understanding of the different types of tools that can be used to build different types of experiences
  • Ask the right questions to decide the most appropriate tool or technology to use when developing and delivering learning solutions
  • Work directly with content creation tools to create different types of content for learning solutions
  • Understand how eLearning Authoring tools work and how they fit into build stage
  • Have experience with a learning platform to deliver an eLearning experience

eLearning Masterclass Objectives

Across twelve weeks, participants can complete the three modules that make up the eLearning Masterclass.
Students will gain a solid understanding of what’s involved to plan, write, design, build, deliver and report online learning experiences.

  • Describe the end-to-end process to develop eLearning and create an online learning experience.
  • List the different ways that learning and eLearning can be delivered
  • Recognise the terms and acronyms used when talking about eLearning
  • Determine the best way to design and deliver an online learning experience
  • Assess the technical requirements of a project to determine the most appropriate tools and technology to build the learning
  • Produce an analysis of a company investigating the benefit of moving their learning online (Module 1)
  • Plan, write and design an eLearning implementation based on the analysis produced in Module 1 (Module 2)
  • Build and implement an eLearning solution based on the work undertaken in Module 1 and Module 2 (Module 3)

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