Stories and Scenario Based Experiences

We looked at story based and scenario based learning in AITD eLearning Foundations course. This is an opportunity to explore these experiences in a bit more detail, as we can use these approaches to enhance the experience for our learners. These methods can immerse the learner into the situation by providing a more realistic experience of situations that occur in real life.

This feeds into the way we consider our learners, understand the outcomes, and design our learning experiences appropriately.

Story based learning

As the following article explores, stories are important ways for humans to learn. “The human brain is hardwired to learn through stories, gaining valuable lessons through the experiences of others.”

‘The Play’s the Thing’: The Power of Story-based Learning

From Training Industry website

The following resource discusses 6 tips to create story based eLearning experiences.

Scenario Based Learning

By using stories as the foundation in creating scenarios, we can present these scenarios as real life situations to our learners. Our learners then need to make decisions that can prepare our learners for these situations when they occur on the job.

Like all other design work we have looked at so far, designing Scenario Based Learning is no different. The first couple of steps of the process are familiar to you already; identify and know your learners, and ensure the learning outcomes have been defined and agreed.

Once we have that information, we can get on to the fun stuff. I’ve always enjoyed coming up with the scenarios. You can be really creative and it is an opportunity to get to know more about the people you work with and what they do.

A 5 Step-Plan to Create Your Own Scenario-based eLearning Course

Effective Scenario-based e-Learning for Instructional Designers

Anna Sabramowicz is an eLearning coach who specialises in creating and teaching learning professionals the

This is a revisit for an activity from the AITD eLearning Foundations course.

“Connect with Haji Kamal,” is a branching scenario that was developed for the US Army.

Scenario based training example: Connect with Haji Kamal

From Cathy Moore
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