PowerPoint and Sway

We’ve included these two tools as they are both Microsoft tools (part of Office 365) and they are relatively easy to use and have some great features.


It’s easy to write PowerPoint off due to “death by PowerPoint” plus most of the PowerPoint presentations we see have been quickly put together, so the impression we get is based on the effort put in, not the capabilities of the tool.

PowerPoint is full of surprises and can be used for many things, like creating presentations, to images (as seen in the previous activity) to exporting videos and animated GIFs.

Here we look at two cool tricks with PowerPoint, creating a video from a PowerPoint, and also creating an animated explainer video.

Another benefit of PowerPoint is to export your presentations as a video (as seen in the above video), and you can also include a video of yourself in the presentation.

The trick to creating videos is to get the animations and transitions right. This great tutorial is a good example of using PowerPoint to create an animated explainer video


Sway is an online tool part of the Microsoft suite that allows you to create online experiences, and deliver those experiences via a web address.

Below is a real example from a TAFE teacher who uses Sway all the time to present information for his students. One of the main benefits of Sway, apart from being 100% online, is that changes are instantly reflected in the presentation.

Sway Example (Plant Nutrition – Topic 3 – The Nitrogen Cycle)

Example from a TAFE lecturer (shared with Permission)

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