Prototypes and Testing

Like all of the previous steps in our cycle, being able to conduct thorough testing of our learning experiences requires time and resources.

It’s a common excuse, “can’t test, no time”. We all now how this ends.

Occasionally we don’t get the proper feedback for our courses until the learning has been implemented and our learners are well and truly invested in our learning. If the feedback is constructive, then we may need to do some serious re-design and re-building. Conducting thorough testing of our learning solutions before we invest heavily in the build, can save time, money and resources.

Prototypes could be thought of as interactive wireframes or interactive storyboards. If you are using an eLearning authoring tool, a prototype could be an authored eLearning module without all the design elements, visuals and even text. Simple rectangles could be used to represent content, but at least the interactive experience and flow can be tested.

Prototypes can also be created in PowerPoint, or other tools like Adobe XD. You could even use a spreadsheets or Word documents to create interactive prototypes by using the “Insert > Hyperlink” feature in those programs (including PowerPoint)

E-Learning: Storyboard vs. Prototype

From Articulate

The Ins and Outs of Rapid Prototyping for eLearning

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