Sequencing simply refers to the way the learning experiences are ordered and structured when designing and delivering our learning solutions.

Sequencing might seem like something we do automatically and the need to talk about it might seem superfluous. As we explore the different considerations when sequencing we can open ourselves up to further options.

There are various methods that can be adopted when organising your course content. In many instances content will be sequenced based on the prerequisite method. The prerequisite method uses a learning objectives hierarchy, teaching the skills first that are agreed to be prerequisites for the other skills that are being taught as part of the learning experience.

In other examples, sequencing may be based on a chronological order or a drip feed of information related to the skills required as a worker settles into a new job.

Sequencing and Structuring Learning Activities in Instructional Design

A great article which also looks at some of the techniques and considerations when determining the sequence of your learning activities.

Sequencing & Chunking Instruction

From the Canvas website. Canvas is a Learning Management System used across education and corporate environments.


“It is important to remember that chunking for face-to-face learning experiences is not the same as chunking for online content or courses.”