Manage Question Pools

To manage the question pools, visit the Quiz menu then Question Pool Manager. Question Pools can be created, deleted and renamed via the Question Pool Manager. Question Pools and Return to Quiz don’t work together as expected.The Random questions are generated on launch of the module.The randomness would happen when the user relaunches the module, …

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Create a Question Pool

Create the questions in the project as we would normally Select the questions in the Filmstrip that we want as part of the Question Pool Select the first question and using CTRL (for non-adjacent), or SHIFT (for adjacent) select the other question slides at the same time Right mouse click on the selected slides and …

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Quiz Failure Messages

When we select 3 from the Failure Messages drop-down, we then end up with 3 Incorrect Captions on the slide. If we add custom messaging to the 3 Failure Messages, then change the number of Failure Messages back to 1, we lose the other 2 Failure Messages. If we then add them back again, we …

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Quiz Actions

These are like the Button Actions or the Slide Enter and Slide Exit Actions that we have seen before. We can execute an Action depending on if the user gets the question correct or incorrect. Correct is defined by On Success. Incorrect is defined by Failure Messages and Last Attempt. If on the Last Attempt …

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Quiz Buttons

The Submit button needs to appear for all question types. Users must select their answers and then click the submit button. Feedback is given based on the answer/s at the time the Submit button is selected. We can change the default setting for the entire quiz to Influence these settings then override them on a …

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Quiz Captions

The Captions are the text feedback options that display depending on the answers that the user gives. We can change the wording of the captions on each question slide, which allows us to provide specific feedback for the question. This allows us to provide a more detailed experience to the user and should be considered. …

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Partial Score

Each answer is selected individually and given a partial score via the answer’s properties panel. Select Properties > Options The overall quiz mark for that question will be controlled by the sum of the partial scores. When Partial Scoring is turned on, the overall Points value will be greyed out.

Multiple Choice Questions

The obvious go-to question type is the Multiple-Choice question or MC for short. The MC question type is the one that everyone favours as it is the easiest question to write, and it’s the one that most of us are used to and familiar with. The main problem with MC questions is that it can …

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Inserting Placeholders

Placeholders are used on Master Slides to create predefined objects that we can then just double-click to add text or images. Placeholders define the position of the object and the formatting of the text if it is a text placeholder. Let’s insert a Title placeholder for this slide; To insert a Placeholder Object, select Insert …

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Advanced Actions Enhancements

Initialise Slide Conditional Action As the course has evolved, I’ve added a few extra bells and whistles to the conditional action that initialises the slide on slide 2. I have included screenshots of each decision point from a recent exercise file to highlight some of the ways we can control the objects on slide two …

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