UIC Module Reviews

Welcome to the UIC Module Review dashboard.

Thursday 24th May

The 4 x modules have reached next stage for review. The purpose of this review is to focus on content and mechanics of interactions, or proposed mechanics where the mechanics have not been implemented yet.

We will work with you to ensure imagery and design is implemented appropriately in the next round of updates. Rachel, I’d like to spend some dedicated time to focus

Please use the feedback documents to capture any feedback, suggestions, thoughts, ideas as you work through the interactive module reviews.

Interactive Module Reviews

Where applicable, blue callout text bubbles are included to communicate any development notes or further questions back to the stakeholders and SMEs.

The 4 modules can be accessed here;

Feedback Documents

These documents display the screens where you can capture feedback as you work through the modules. Please co-ordinate how the feedback will be managed across multiple reviewers so one feedback document per module is provided back to us for the next stage updates (Google Drive).

Click here to access feedback documents