User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX) is something we all experience every day, from filling up our car at the service station, to using public facilities like parks, to checking email on our phone.

User experience is all around us. UX essentially refers to the interactions we have with a product or service, whether it’s online or in the outside world.

I know I’ve become a lot more in-tune with it recently as I’m developing online products that other people interact with, and consume, like you are now!

It doesn’t take much, a button not where you would expect, the internet freezing in the middle of an online shopping transaction, or the power going out (and subsequently coming back on) in a storm can cause a bad User Experience. We’ve all been there as well.

I’ve included two articles here, the first about UX as a broad discipline. The second is about how UX will improve your eLearning modules.

But I ask you to remember this; UX is the whole experience that your learners have with you, your team, and your solutions. It might be how prompt you are replying to an email to how courteous you are on the phone troubleshooting a problem with your learners.

What Is User Experience (UX) Design? Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

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3 Ways UX Design Will Improve Your eLearning Module

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