Imagery can be a bit of a late consideration in our design process. We may have ideas of imagery as we work through the other design steps, however it is extremely important to factor in the right images to go with our content.

There are numerous image options available, photos, illustrations, charts and icons to name a few ways that imagery can be used.
Be sure that the image is being used constructively and not just to fill in some space.
Consider the purpose of the image and ensure the image fits the purpose.

How to Create Engaging Images for your eLearning Courses

From LearnUpon

How to Create Graphics for eLearning: Matching Graphics to Content

Convergence Training, a Vector Solutions brand, is an award-winning producer of online safety training and learning management tools for the mining, manufacturing, pulp and paper, and general industry, with a specialization in delivering 3D modeling and course animation.

Here is an “oldie but a goodie” article about using Infographics in eLearning

How Can Infographics Produce Better E-Learning Courses?

From Articulate website

From the eLearning coach, a resource about the use of Icons in eLearning

How To Use Icons In eLearning

the eLearning Coach – Connie Malamed

This resource has a good summary on the different file types to consider when using images

Eye Appeal in eLearning Course Design: 3 Effective Ways to Use Color Theory, Typography, and Images

Use the right images.

There are some great practical tips in this article such as file size considerations and position of the images on the screen.

9 Tips to Use Images in your eLearning Programs

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