We can go down a bit of a rabbit hole here as layout covers all design outputs from screen to print. Appreciating the impact that layout can have on our learner’s journey can allows us to better place our content on the screen where it will have the most impact.

Once again, we don’t need to become professional graphic designers, however being able to place our content on the screen where it will make a difference is an important step in engaging our learners and taking them on a meaningful learning path.

Even thought the following refers to web design, don’t forget we are creating online experiences that are delivered via a web browser, so we need to start thinking online design, as well as learning design. We have touched on this throughout the course so far.

Web page layout: website anatomy every designer needs to learn

Webflow is an online design tool

This is a great article talking about the typical screens you may find in an eLearning module and the layout examples that can be used.

How to Design an Awesome E-Learning Layout?

Do you know and follow these 6 GOLDEN RULES for layout design?

In this video Satori Graphics demonstrates the rules that every designer should follow, and also show you why they are so crucial within layout and graphic design.

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