Storyboards and Wireframes

After defining our learning objectives, doing research on our learners, understanding the technology environments, and everything else in between, it’s time to start creating some tangible outputs. This is done so ideas can be communicated, tested and feedback given. The sooner we can gather feedback about our designs, the better prepared and informed we will be to make the most of the development phase.

Storyboards in eLearning

If or when to storyboard , article referenced in webinars

This is where Storyboards and Wireframes come in.

We’ve met Tim Slade before, he made some good points in his video 4 Things You Need to Know About Instructional Design for eLearning.

The following link directs to Tim’s website, and also a video about why storyboards are an essential part of the process.


“An eLearning storyboard is simply a document that outlines the learning content, slide-by-slide or screen-by-screen. The purpose of a storyboard is to provide your stakeholders and subject matter experts a preview of how the course will flow and how the content will be presented. The storyboard also gives reviewers the opportunity to easily make edits and change the course content before you begin development.”

According to Wikipedia a wireframe “is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website”. Wireframes could be seen as being similar to a storyboard, however wireframes are more of a visual representation of where the specific elements are positioned on the screen. Also, wireframes an be relatively quick to put together, whereas a storyboard tends to have more detail about what is happening on each screen and what each element is achieving.

In this article we explore the differences between wireframes and storyboards, and why these steps in the process are critical to ensure success of our projects.

UX Design: Wireframe vs Storyboard vs Wireflow vs Mockup vs Prototyping

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