Working with a vendor – checklist

Development requirements analysis

There’s a possibility that you are visiting our website because you wish to engage a vendor to help you with some work you have.

Well, you have come to the right place! That’s what we do. We help companies, large and small, achieve their learning goals.

There are many areas we can assist organisations. We won’t use this article to talk about that.

Instead, we wanted to use this article to help prepare you for when you reach out to us, and potentially engage us, or any vendor for that matter.

The better prepared you are, the easier, and cheaper, it will be for you, and the quicker we can get started on the work.

As part of the initial consultation, we may ask you a series of questions. This will help us understand what you are ultimately trying to achieve.

We will also ask you what work has already been undertaken as part of this journey. Are you talking to us because some ideas have been floated around where you work, or are you absolutely ready to engage a vendor. How do you know you are ready to talk to a vendor and at what stage of the project cycle do you reach out to a vendor.

You may be tyre-kicking for now to gauge the capabilities of vendors, to short list them for when you are definitely ready to engage. Or you may have designed and written storyboards and just need a development partner. It would be good to communicate with potential vendors if you are just tyre-kicking and that you are in the early stages and are just interested.

There are many reasons why you would want to engage a vendor, so we’re prepared this checklist / questionnaire to help prepare you for when you talk to us.

Some of the things we highlight in the checklist are;

  • What items are being provided to assist in development
  • What business problems exist for which eLearning is a potential solution
  • Does any content currently exist which may potentially be integrated
  • How is success being measured
  • Where will the proposed solution reside (LMS, intranet etc)

Check out the checklist here. We’d love to hear your feedback and if you have any suggestions for updates to the document.

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